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With our basic philosophy, “To develop Shizuki Electric with beneficial presence and high aspirations”, we strive to develop products and services using our creativity and experience to accommodate the market requirements for business expansion, being conscious of reduction of energy usage, high efficiency, complete safety, and environmental protection.

Efficient energy use and safety

Hybrid vehicle MEC capacitor

IH cooking heater MIC capacitor

Voltage sag correctors
The Company develops and supplies products to the market to meet the diversified requirements of efficient energy usage that is required in the marketplace today.
In automobile arena, as represented by a low power hybrid vehicle, electronics are quickly adapted for the system. We at Shizuki Electric have developed the Direct Current Unrestrained for Drive System Power Converter (MEC Series) that will be supplied to the market in the near future.
To accommodate the requirements for high harmonic waves and super power current for an inverter and house appliances, we will improve the MIC series efficiency and increase the range of products for sale to meet the growing demand.
Environment Protection
For electrical instruments, our power capacitor instrument has high market share. Shizuki Electric has reinforced the Eco Var series of products, with the concept of saving energy and environmentally friendly.
Looking from the view of environmental issues and energy saving, we assume the requirements will be more diversified for electrical energy usage in the future, due to the dissemination of wind power and solar energy generation. (Dispersion type power source) Our current activities include developing new products, using our expertise acquired from voltage regulators with high harmonic wave measuring instruments.
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