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Social Contribution

Since the late Shigeo Yamamoto Chairman Emeritus founder of the Company, built the Headquarters and factory in the area of, Taisha-cho, Nishinomiya City, we have over many years, developed a good relationship with the local residents.
To show our appreciation, to contribute to the local society, and to maintain environmental conservation around the Company site, we clean the area on the 3rd of each month, which is the commemoration day of the death on the 3rd March of the late Shigeo Yamamoto.

As you know the scale of the disaster from the Kobe earthquake exceeded the capabilities of the public firefighting services. However, the citizens fire-fighting and relief activities rescued many people as well as their assets.
The initial reaction is critical in a large-scale disaster. To reinforce this early involvement, Nishinomiya City set up Nishinomiya City Firefighting Cooperative Brigade in October 1996.
The Firefighting Cooperative Brigade develops skills through the Self-Defense Firefighting Operation Competition. The skillful Firefighting Cooperative Brigade conducts firefighting, ambulance services, and rescue around the surrounding areas of business sites, using portable fire power pumps, large extinguishers, rescue equipment and appliances.

The Shizuki Electric Self-Defense Fire-fighting Brigade joined up with the Nishinomiya City Firefighting Cooperative Brigade, at the request of Nishinomiya City, soon after the in-house Brigade was organized. The in-house fire-fighting brigade trains for an emergency.

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