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Efforts toward welfare activities

The business philosophy of Shiuzuki Electric Co., Inc, is contribution to society through our corporate business activities by respecting human nature, which is our basic policy.

The Social Welfare Corporation AIKOKAI not only allows people with disabilities to use their facilities, but also assists and teaches them to lead a rewarding life, just the same as able people.

The Public health facility for people with disabilities, SEIJYO GAKUEN, opened in 1981. The facility conducts welfare activities, to help people to lead a quality life and be engaged in a productive occupation, just like healthy people.
February 16, 1981
Chairman of AIKOKAI:
Shuzo Kobayashi (Former Director and Manager of Administrative Division of Kyushu Shizuki)
Organization Chairman of SEIJYO GAKUEN:
Kenji Matsunaga (Former director and President of Kyushu Shizuki)
1062 Urushio, Inatsuki-machi, Kaho, Fukuoka Japan
Number of Staff:
Disabled People:
66 (60 living-in / 6 commuting)

September 2001
682-9 Kuchinoharu, Inaba, Kaho, Fukuoka Japan
Number of people:
Shiuzuki Electric Co., Inc. has launched community support activities since 1985. We provide financial assistance and land for hydroponics farming. (Water tank cultivation)
We established Shizuki Welfare Factory for disabled people in September 2001, which was the first factory run by the private sector in Fukuoka Prefecture.
This Welfare Factory produces and assembles capacitor components by disabled people with instruction and guidance from our subsidiary company, Kyushu Shizuki.
When the Factory launched its first enterprise, the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture and many organizations visited the site. The Factory had a lot of media coverage from television and newspapers. The Factory enjoys a high reputation from the many visitors who come and see the factory.

Welfare counseling
Teaching regular lifestyle behavior, through good example such as, greetings, tidiness, neatness, cleanness, cleaning up and good manners

Social adaptability
Teaching people to lead a fulfilling sociable life same as able people, through activities such as studying, production work, sports and recreation

Hydroponics farming
(Water tank cultivation)

Athletic meetings


Morning assembly

Swimming sessions

Production working

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