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Harmonic Filter

Various semiconductor devices are now commonly used in factories and buildings since semiconductors have been making remarkable progress.
Hereby, harmonics generate from semiconductor devices and cause equipment damages.
Shizuki harmonic restraint devices can solve harmonic troubles.

V-Active series
(Active filters which solve troubles caused by harmonics)
 V-Active 200 / 400 / 6600
  Conventional ranges
  6600V 50-800kVA
440V 10-500kVA
210V 50-300kVA
For details on voltages and capacitance, contact us.
Compact size and weight saving
  About 65% the size of existing products and about 55% lighter than the existing products (compared to those of conventional models)
Low loss
  About 85% loss when operated at the ratings (compared to those of conventional models)
Higher maintainability
  Graphic display device (LCD) is provided as a standard accessory for easily monitoring the compensation ratio, output current and fault indications, and maintenance.
High compensation ratio
  Stable harmonic restraint function can be supplied to frequency changes with no decrease in compensation ratio.
Output current limit
  Can keep operating with output current limited to ratings or less when excessive harmonics generate from
Wide range of performance
  Used in various fields since these series were developed.

Passive Filter Series
 AC filter equipment
  Conventional ranges
  6600V 70-1400kVA
440V 50-350kVA
220V 50-200kVA
For details on voltages and capacitance, contact us.
Power factor correction
  Power factor can be corrected since AC filter equipment work the same as power capacitors at commercial frequency.
Harmonic restraint effect

In case of a high voltage filter,filter equipment is not affected by power conditions since current-limiting reactor included as standard equipment.

Variety of models
  Variety of models for low to super high voltages which were born our accumulated performances.

 Low voltage filter pack (KLS type)

  Main parts of a filter pack are set in an angle frame. Easy to place in a cubicle.

  Conventional ranges
  440V 50-350kVA
220V 50-200kVA
Work improvement
  In regards to wiring, all you have to do is connect main circuit and control terminal block to grounding terminal. It is possible to cut the amount of work process.

 Low voltage tank filters (T-P/F type)

  Low voltage tank filters are equipment which put in capacitors for low voltage filter and
  reactor together.

  Conventional ranges
  400V50HZ/440V60Hz 86Kvar  
For 50Hz / 60Hz
  Easy to move: Ideal for use in moving equipment for tunneling work since it is easy to move equipment or to wire.

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