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Processing technologies

 Metallizing Technology

Slit technology for cutting ultra-thin film at optional width and maintaining high precision.
Metallizing TechnologyMetallizing Technology
Metallizing technology is used in various applications including metal electrodes, light shield, gas and water penetration prevention, decoration and so forth. Shizuki has advanced technology of metallizing of various metals on various materials. Technology is available for metallizing of various metals such as aluminum, zinc, copper, alloy and so forth onto various plastic films and paper materials with optional control of deposition thickness, pattern deposition to form a deposition portion and non deposition portion on a material surface. Shizuki has metallized testing facilities for research, which may be used for the trial production of metallizing. In addition, it holds technologies ranging the design of metallizing facilities to their production.

 Slit Technology

Optional control on deposition thickness and position Vacuum deposition of various metals on various materials.
Slit TechnologySlit Technology
To cut ultra thin film roll into an optional width and at high precision continuously, Shizuki has realized high precision film cutting technology. Shizuki can perform continuous cutting with high precision irrespective of material, thickness, presence or absence of metallizing.
And the cutting range can go from a minimum width of 2.5mm to 1mm. As for thickness, cutting is available even down to a thickness of 2 micron at high precision. Shizuki's slit technology can be utilized in various fields, including capacitors, insulation tape, and so forth.

 Vacuum technology

Responding to a variety of vacuum-related needs by means of various vacuum processing and vacuum equipment.
Vacuum technology
SHIZUKI has various vacuum processing technologies accumulated in the course of the production of capacitors.
Having advanced know-how to perform processing in vacuum such as vapor deposition, drying, impregnation and cast molding, SHIZUKI can meet various requests relating to vacuum processing. In addition to vacuum processing technologies, SHIZUKI also has technologies for realizing advanced vacuum equipment
SHIZUKI can manufacture and provide perfect vacuum equipment for different purposes by means of energy-saving and space-saving design and sealing technologies. In addition, SHIZUKI has established the technology for detecting leakage. Therefore SHIZUKI can meet various requests relating to vacuum equipment.

 Resin molding technology
Molding various resins into various shapes with high quality and high productivity by multi-kind molding method.
SHIZUKI has three resin molding technologies: injection molding, transfer molding and extrusion molding. In addition, SHIZUKI has established the technology for charging liquid resins such as epoxy and urethane.
Based on these technologies, SHIZUKI can not only mold any resins but also mold resins into any shapes using its mold building technology.
In addition, based on the know-how accumulated in the integrated system ranging from mold building to resin molding, SHIZUKI has found the optimum molding conditions for molds, resins and production volumes, which makes it possible to realize the top quality and most economical molding.
Resin molding technology

 Mold designing and building technology

Designing and building molds that realize improvements in molding cycle and quality.
Mold designing and building technologyInjection molding, transfer molding and extrusion molding. SHIZUKI is one of a few makers in Japan that can make all kinds of molds for resin molding and also metal press molds. In the field of metal press molds, SHIZUKI can make high-precision molds capable of dealing with any materials to be molded and any shapes. SHIZUKI will design and make various optimum molds that meet the conditions such as a purpose, application, function and target cost presented by customers. In addition, based on its know-how accumulated in the integrated system ranging from mold building to resin molding, SHIZUKI will propose mold building that realizes improvements in productivity and quality, while projecting itself into customers’ situation.

 Sheet metal and welding technology
Sheet metal technology and welding technology providing high technical capabilities in prototyping.
If you have to make a prototype before mass production but cannot afford the cost of mold building, SHIZUKI’s sheet metal and welding technology will be of help to you.
SHIZUKI’s unique metal technology such as special bending and extraction makes it possible to make a prototype in any complicated shapes speedily. Such a prototype will help you to examine and determine the processing method and processes for mass production.Sheet metal and welding technology
In the field of welding, SHIZUKI has various welding methods that cover different materials and thickness (welding of aluminum, thin metal sheets, etc.) and conducts a variety of welding tests, which will help you to set the welding conditions before mass production.

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