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Company Profile

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 * The Company was named after the famous castle, Shizuki Castle, in Hagi City,
    Yamaguchi Prefecture where the company founder Mr.Shigeo Yamamoto grew up.
10-45 Taisha-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0867, Japan
TEL: +81-798-74-5821
Founded March 10, 1939
Corporate Governance Structure Shizuki has adopted a company with committees system.
Paid-in Capital \5,001 million(As of March 31, 2019)

Management Philosophy

Shizuki Philosophy
   We respect humanity, satisfy our customers, through lean and green manufacturing,
   and contribute to society through future developments within our organization.
Guiding Principles
   1. Our job means our commitment, and the workplace is where we fulfill it.
   2. Find ways to achieve our goals. Never think about why they are impossible.
   3. Use your wisdom. Be thoughtful. Take action.

Main Business Line

  • 1.Capacitors and related equipment and facilities
  • 2.Electrical machinery and equipment

Directors and Officers (As of June 30, 2019)

Chairman of the board Kaoru Ito *
Board member Nobuaki Adachi *
Board member Tetsuya Tomomatsu *
Board member Norihiko Yamamoto
Board member Kimitoshi Mori **
Board member Kazuyoshi Tani **
Board member Makoto Matsuo **

* Officer
** Independent director


Exective Chairman Kaoru Ito
President & CEO Nobuaki Adachi
Vice president Tetsuya Tomomatsu
Executive officer Atsushi Oda
Executive officer Yoshio Koyama
Executive officer Hironori Aihara
Executive officer Masanori Otsuki
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