Harmonic Filter

Various semiconductor devices are now commonly used in factories and buildings since semiconductors have been making remarkable progress. Hereby, harmonics generate from semiconductor devices and cause equipment damages.
Shizuki harmonic restraint devices can solve harmonic troubles.

Harmonic Filter

V-Active Series

Active filters which solve troubles caused by harmonics.


  1. 1. Space saving
    This device has smaller occupied area and volume than conventional products.
  2. 2. Low loss
    Compared to conventional products, this device has low losses during rated operation.
  3. 3. Low maintenance cost
    Maintenance costs have been lowered by adopting long life fans, weight saving of replacement units, etc.
  4. 4. High compensation rate
    The compensation rate does not decrease even if the power supply frequency fluctuates. Stable harmonic suppression is possible.
  5. 5. Current limit function
    This device can continue while limiting the output current of the device even if harmonic current larger than the load occurs.
  6. 6. Extensive Achievements
    This device has been used in many fields since its launch.


Installation location Indoor or Outdoor
Ambient temperature -5℃ to +40℃


Type V-Active200 V-Active400 V-Active6600
Rated voltage 200,210,220V 400,420,440V 6600V
10~500kVA 10~500kVA 50~1000kVA
Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (±5Hz : Follow up control of frequency fluctuation.)
Phase 3 phase