Inverterization of electric devices has become popular due to energy savings and higher performance. A number of film capacitors are used for inverters.
Optimization of dimensions and cost is possible by selecting the proper film capacitors for each application.
SHIZUKI offers capacitors for numerous applications, including automotive inverters, power electronics circuits, and home appliances.
Oil-filled type and dry type capacitors have protective mechanism.
SHIZUKI capacitors are low-maintenance, low-loss, and eco-friendly.

SHIZUKI offers customized products in response to your needs. Please inquire for more details.

AC Filter capacitor

The output of inverter is a pulse train with different widths at a constant cycle which is controlled by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Capacitors are used to average the pulse train and produce a smooth sine wave.

Type : MAC-UMPDF:382kB

DC Filter capacitor

In AC-DC conversion, DC outputs contain ripples.
Film capacitors suppress those ripples and create smooth DC outputs.

Type : MEC-DLPDF:352kB

Snubber capacitor

Film capacitors absorb noise generated in DC-AC conversion and protect the switching elements.

Type : MIC-UBPDF:1361kB