Voltage Sag Compensator


The VB-C series is an active voltage conditioner designed to solve voltage problems by SHIZUKI Smart Backup System. It responds instantly to power quality problems such as sags and swells, providing continuous regulation of voltage.

Voltage Sag Compensator

Key benefits

  • – Continuous protection from common utility voltage problems.
  • – Maintenance free.
  • – Faster return on investment thanks to high efficiency (98%).

Key features

  • – 3-level inverter technology with sophisticated control software.
  • – Scalable design.
  • – Colorful graphical touch screen interface.
  • – Eco-friendly: Non-use of Lead Acid Battery.
  • – Redundant internal bypass providing fail-safe operation.

Typical applications

  • Electronics industry
    Sensitive machinery, Clean room control
  • Food and beverage
    High speed bottling, Packaging lines
  • Continuous process
    Fiber production lines, Extrusion process
  • Automotive
    Welding process, Coating process, Painting process
  • Pharmaceutical
    Batch process, Climate control

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PQE : Power Quality Enhancement