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Focusing on Customers Forever

High Regard for Humanity, Individual SHIZUKI Members Taking on Challenges, and Harmony as an Organization

The SHIZUKI Electric Group has been placing first priority on customers for over eighty years, since its founding in 1939. We have evolved film capacitors, which are essential to maintaining the quality of electricity, in response to customer needs and the demand of the times, while always aiming to get a step ahead of customer and society satisfaction. To achieve satisfaction among all parties associated with SHIZUKI, including customers, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders, the company has established its unique management system, the “SHIZUKI Integrated Management System” (∫IΣS), looking to always develop further and contribute to society.

The ∫IΣS is based on the company’s high regard for humanity. We have established a corporate culture in which employees can work with pride and a sense of responsibility. We believe that if they can do so, they will come together as one beyond departmental boundaries and deliver better products and services to customers.

Now, we propose “Take on a challenge” and “Harmony” to develop our company into a more cohesive team.

We are striving to create a better working environment where every employee can set high goals and take initiative in his or her work, and enhance our organizational strength necessary to combine individual employees’ efforts to take on challenges into a harmonious whole and develop them into greater corporate power. We believe that if we continue to make such efforts, it will help us maintain and foster our customer-first policy, no matter how times change. The SHIZUKI Electric Group will continue to do its utmost to live up to your expectations.

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